Who Are Ethereum Whales? Why Track Them?

Investors holding lots of ETC are called ‘Ethereum Whales’. Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency and holds a market cap of more than $130, 357, 860, 000. At the time of writing, Ether’s trade value is at $1,448.43, whose trading value was below $1 in 2016. So, anyone holding a huge ETH amount has currently yielded huge profits.

Crypto analysts and enthusiasts describe large ETH holders as whales because of their capability to impact the value with specific moves like selling or transferring large amounts of Ethereum.

Currently, Buterin the co-founder of ETH [2014] holds a gigantic amount of Ethereum. In 2018, he disclosed his Ethereum wallet address which currently displays 1,366 ETH. He moved 325,000 ETH which totals a value of more than $290, 000 into a new contract. He donated more than 16,000 Ethers along with other meme coins collection worth $1 billion to charity. There are many other ETH investors holding Ethers worth billions. There is a fear that if any one of them moved or sold his ETH then there can be severe disruption in the Ethereum landscape.

Who holds the most Ethereum?

Buterin’s ETH holding is approximately $800.5 million, which is a fairly healthy sum but is not on the Ethereum mover’s and shakers’ top list of 20 holders.

Eth2 Deposit Contract is the address of the largest Ether holder – $26.86 billion. It is the address of a smart contract, so there is no single investor capable to access the cryptos. Post-migration it will be returned to the users.

Wrapped Ether is also a smart contract address that holds $20.3 billion. WETH is a protocol designed for converting Ether to ERC 20 standard for making coins usable for working on DApps.

Kraken Centralized Exchange stands third with 5.75 billion of Ether. CEX is the largest cryptocurrency holder because it needs a large liquidity pool to make sure the exchange functions. Binance is another CEX that holds $5.44 billion of ETH.

It is an educated guess that CounsenSys [ETH software Company] is estimated to hold Ethereum worth $5 billion. The insiders even believe that Joseph Lubin another co-founder of ETH can be the largest Ether holder with a value of $10 billion. There is an individual holder address showing ETH with a $5.44 billion value. It is assumed to be Lubin’s wallet. So, he could be the Ethereum giant whale.

Investors can use ZenGo to view trade, receive, send or buy Ethereum. Ethereum even powers DApp, a decentralized app. Contact the team to learn more about DApp. Large cryptocurrency holders are renowned to be experts in the crypto trading market and are often looked up to. Blockchain technology and public ledge have its perk. Anyone can tap into the data and gain valuable insights.

Forecast of ETH value

The current Ethereum wallets hold 21.38% of the total ETH in circulation. According to analysts, ETH is a better investment than BTC. The cross rate between BTC and ETH units are expected to double from its current level. Visit Instagram to get information about how much the market cap of ETH is anticipated to increase.

Kingston Damian